Try these ideas to build awareness and build out your marketing plan.

Step Zero
Do you have an insurance agency website set up yet?

For all future digital marketing efforts, this is where you will direct people. And for offline tactics, people will still want to look you up on the internet. Not having an online presence is a red flag for consumers.

A Facebook page won’t suffice. You’re at the mercy of whatever Facebook wants to do with its algorithm.

You don’t need to get the most extravagant website since you’re first starting out. A basic website is better than nothing. But, make sure it will meet your needs. So, consider what you want your website to do.

Will you be blogging? Do you want carrier payment links for customer self-service? What about quote forms to capture lead information from visitors?

If you’re not ready for those features yet, don’t fret. Try to find a vendor that can work with you as you grow.

On to the Marketing Ideas
Some of these tactics are inexpensive but need a higher time commitment. Others are a bit higher in cost and lower in time commitment.

Either way, marketing is an investment. Ultimately It will take either time or money. Decide which you would rather spend. Then stay committed.

  1. Answer Questions

If your website has a blog, get your money’s worth and post to it. Even better: Start answering questions in your blog posts.

This is a great tactic when you’re a brand new agency and don’t have much money to spend yet. There’s no cost besides the cost of your website.

All it takes for this tactic to pay off is one or two blog posts answering the right question. When that happens your website traffic will increase. More people will start to reach out to you agency.

This tactic typically takes time to come to fruition, and blogging is a long game. Website traffic and online leads don’t come immediately. It may take a few months. It may take longer. Be patient, and blog consistently.

  1. Social Media

It isn’t a good idea to have a Facebook page in lieu of a website. But, consider a social media presence in conjunction with your website.

Choose one or two of the social media platforms you’re most comfortable with. Those will be the ones you can keep up with. Because you’ll need to be consistent to do social media right.

Invite friends and family to follow your agency’s profile. Add the profile links on your insurance agency website. Have fun, and be yourself when posting. People will respond to that more than posts about insurance. You can find success on social media and grow your audience.

  1. Network

Attend networking events in your area. Even if there’s people you already know, share the news that you started a new insurance agency in the area. Bring business cards so people know how to contact you.

  1. Live Events

Each community has events that need for support from local businesses. In exchange, your agency name gets in front of the community. It could be a float at a parade or a table at a festival.

If you’re not sure what events are taking place in your community, check the local paper. Or, contact the parks department as they usually have a schedule of local events.

  1. Email Marketing

Email marketing often works better than a traditional advertising campaign. And, for a fraction of the cost.

Use automated emails to follow up on leads. Or, use a newsletter to stay in touch with clients. You can even send renewal reminders to retain more clients.

An email marketing platform can help do those things. But, if you’re not ready to invest in such a tool, it’s vital to start building your email list. Ask each lead that comes through your agency for their email address. Ask every client that calls with a question to confirm their email address. Then, you have a list to start with when you are ready.

  1. Advertising

If you have the budget to work with, advertising can quickly build awareness for your agency. You could buy an ad to run on radio station or placement in your local newspaper.

But, online advertising might be a better route at first. It’s often less expensive and easier to track how many leads come through your ads.

Facebook is a good start because of the specific targeting available. You can get specific with the audience you want to see your ads. You can target based on geography, age, demographics, interests and behaviors.

  1. Wrap Your Car

If you turn your car into a mobile billboard, you’ll be building awareness as you drive around town. Don’t forget to include your agency’s logo, website and phone number. And drive safely!

  1. Host Events

Get creative with the type of events your agency could host. This could range from a free car wash or low-cost pet vaccinations. People will come to your office and get to know you while taking advantage of the service.

Building awareness for your new insurance agency doesn’t need to cost a lot of money, but it can take time. Focus on what you can do with the budget you have available. Pick a few of these tactics to add to your marketing plan. Then, as you grow, you can add more ideas to your marketing plan.


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